Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I can wait when I'm dead

A brain aneurysm

Gee wiz, we're an impatient bunch. Remember back when Wilco streamed Sky Blue Sky online weeks before the album hit the shelves? In an age of pirates and pirate movies, how can this be seen as a good idea? Well, anyhoo, the White Stripes highly anticipated Icky Thump can be legally streamed in full at MTV.com. Tune in and listen up, so you don't get a brain aneurysm from the wait.

Is the only way the music industry can save itself from a suicidal implosion of repetitive and uninspired artists by prematurely ejaculating the only decent music around weeks before its due-date? Maybe... but if that's the way it's gotta be, I won't complain.



Jacob said...

Glad to see you found this. I would've liked an update last nite when it was announced, but regardless, I am happy to see The Canals keeping the laser beam of anticipation focused on Icky Thump. PS, can I write a review?

Benjy said...

i didn't realize that i was such a laser beam! I guess we're just so tapped into the scene that I can sense a new announcement telepathically. And you can most definitely write the review.