Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dry Land

"I'm only waiting for the proper time to tell you/
That it's impossible to get along with you"

Believe it or not, the interweb is not made up completely of Canals. There's a whole world of dry land out there, waiting to be discovered. Today I ventured out along the shores and was rewarded with some buried treasure.

First, passiveaggressivenotes.com. This is one of a few blogs (Tim Urban's is another) that once I started reading, I couldn't stop until I'd seen every post. Lucky for me this one is only three weeks old, but it's already got a few pages of laugh-out-loud notes. (Mendoza, if you're out there in cyberspace reading this, you should submit the notes your roommate wrote to you. Or maybe submit them here so we can break the story first.) I have a note from a carpenter that I'll be submitting when I retrieve it from storage in the fall.

Second, zillow.com. A much-needed new tool for the amateur stalker, this website approximates the value of any house in the country.

I was going to post music relating to both websites, but I just had way too many great "house" songs. It was hard to narrow it down to these 8:

Hem - Great Houses Of New York
The White Stripes - There's No Home For You Here
Paul Simon - Homeless
Modest Mouse - Sunspots In The House Of The Late
Phish - Farmhouse
"Guitar" George Baker - House Of The Rising Sun
Gorillaz - Rock The House
Jackie Greene - Write A Letter Home



Jacob said...

Each simple gesture done by me is counteracted and leaves me standing here with nothing else to say. Completely baffled by a backward indication that an inspired word will come across your tongue. Hands moving upward to propel the situation have simply halted and now the conversation's done.

danny said...

cobb, every white stripes track on the canals is implicitly dedicated to you

Jacob said...

It makes my day every time. Interesting side-note: Jack White said that There's No Home For You Here is the least White-Stripes White Stripes song. There is a lot of layering and other studio effects. Still kicks major ass.

Mendoza said...

danny, here I am in cyberspace reading this, i would like nothing better than for the world to know how crazy she is where do you want them?