Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mind Your Manners

A few weeks ago I put in an order to have my windows fixed. Friday afternoon I found this note on my desk:

Carpenter was here to fix windows. I have to order new windows for repair. To access window had to stand on shelf. Sorry I broke shelf. If it’s a problem call 573-3822.


My first reaction was anger. I use that shelf to hold my alarm clock, lamp, cell phone, hand sanitizer, magazines, and books. My second reaction was disbelief. I couldn’t believe that he thought the shelf could have supported him, and I couldn’t believe that he thought it potentially wouldn’t be a problem that he broke it.

But I didn’t stay mad for long. The carpenter was sorry that he broke shelf. That one, simple word softened the blow of the whole incident, much like my bed must have softened the blow of his fall from the windowsill.

Never underestimate the power of good manners—the carpenter and these artists clearly don’t.

Jim Bianco – Sorry
Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You
Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
Wilco – Please Be Patient With Me
Dispatch – Walk With You
The White Stripes – I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman

Few notes about the music. Jim Bianco is a great new artist with a unique voice. You can buy his CDs here. The Sufjan song is my favorite of the past week and the first I learned on guitar. The Wilco song is off their new album Sky Blue Sky, to be released on May 17. I'm pretty sure that we're literally the first blog to post this song, so maybe that will help our average of 3.5 unique hits per day.



danny said...

we'll talk about that later. now its time to celebrate -- we just got our 2nd and 3rd comments!

Anonymous said...

Rock on brothers in arms.