Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Friends Of The Canals, Part III: Tim Urban

Tim Urban is both less and more than a friend of The Canals – less than a friend in the sense that I haven’t seen him in nine years, and more than a friend in that I have a slight man-crush on him.

Tim was my bunk’s CIT in the summer of ’98, and his blog, Underneath the Turban, is absolutely hilarious and inspired me to start The Canals. He was recently a contestant on The Apprentice, and would’ve won if his team hadn’t stabbed him in the back and if Trump wasn’t such a hypocritical, romance-hating thug. As one of his fans so eloquently put it on his website’s guestbook, “i cant believe that you didnt win. that really sux. i thought you were thebest by far!!! well t2yl Terri.”

As much as it must have hurt, hearing “Tim, you're fiahed” was probably a blessing in disguise. Since filming the show, Tim has recorded his original music with Grammy Award winning producer Glen Ballard and recently released his debut album, Turning Home. Benjy and I are pretty sure that the music was featured on The Apprentice, and if it wasn’t it should’ve been. It’s inspirational, movie/TV score type music, and is grandiose enough even for the Donald. Although cheesy at times, it’s an impressive release from a true Canals role model.

Tim Urban – American Fanfare
Tim Urban – Mr. G

Buy the CD here.


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