Sunday, April 8, 2007

Jacob Schutz, poet laureate of The Canals

Aside from being the musical institution that it is, I feel that The Canals is also both a cultural and literary experience by definition. Thusly, I publish this photo with accompanying piece of prose:

From left: Jacob, Alex
: This is after I won my appeal and was released from prison.
Benjy: You must have really liked prison.
Jacob: No. See, what I'm thinking is, "Boy I am glad to be out, but who will take care of little Jerome in cell 3B, who will only have his coffee if it has two sugars. And what about Lamar, who cries himself to sleep everynight." I won the freedom of my soul, but lost the soul of my freedom.

From now on I will keep a look out for other tidbits worthy of our recognition. Who knows, maybe someone will someday dethrown Mr. Schutz as the poet laureate of The Canals. Anyone could be next. Yeah, even you... Panama Lee.

P.S. Here are two slightly relevant songs that are also just plain great:

Yo La Tengo -- Mr. Tough
Little Feat -- Trouble


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