Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Friends of The Canals, Part II: Spare Change

Growing up musically inept is tough enough as it is. Compound that with the fact that nearly all of my childhood friends were some kinds of virtuosos, and all that leaves me to be is one half-cracked nut. For folks in my position there’s only one rule: get tough or get out of the kitchen. I like to be near the pudding, so naturally, I picked the former.

Despite the deep resentment I have for people better than me, at The Canals we like to give people, especially friends, the chance to show their skills. For part two of the “Friends of the Canals” series (following Danny’s Carmen Borgia post), meet my young buds of Spare Change.

Based out of my hometown of Arlington, MA, Spare Change is a goofball rock group comprised of four high school freshmen. Briefly described as “Zappa-esque” by poet laureate Cobb Salad, these young minstrels have recorded songs with topics ranging from monster-hunting cowboys to barroom brawls in Hell. Simply classic.

Spare Change – Prehistoric Wranglers
Spare Change – Hey Mama
Spare Change – Lucifer’s Bar and Grill
Spare Change – When I Think


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Anonymous said...

Cobb is so good with those suffixes its gonna be tough for anyone to dethrone him