Sunday, April 22, 2007

Last two weeks of camp

The year’s gone by like the last weekend of summer. Two weeks from today marks the end of our first year at university level, and the beginning of my trip back to my home in Ohio.

The Canals leaving camp.

So, before we top off the school year with a series of forthcoming guest posts, I’ll let you familiarize yourselves with my peoples. The name Ohio comes from the Seneca word ohi:yo, meaning “beautiful river” or “large creek,” the original name of both the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers. Serving as both the “Mother of Presidents” and the Midwestern Bridge between east and west coasts, this state has served as a pillar of sturdy leadership and a hub of pastoral tranquility for over two hundred years. And so, as a reflection of these values and as an homage to my secondary residence, the state of Ohio, I have compiled this humble yet powerful list of songs.

Damien Jurado – Ohio
Kyle Andrews – Amos in Ohio
Randy Newman – Dayton, Ohio-1903
Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio (Alternate Version)
RJD2 (A Columbus native) – Ghostwriter


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