Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We're Back!

"Born on the desert floor you've the deepest thirst/
and you came to my sweet shores to indulge it"

Benjy and I didn’t quite agree on the best way to re-enter the blogosphere. I wanted to come back with a post to shake the very foundation of the internet, making a deep and catastrophic impact that would forever change the blogging landscape. I wanted to take out our competition before they knew what hit them, cause a mass blogstinction, usher in the Canalzoic Era.

Benjy was thinking of something on a slightly smaller scale, more along the lines of a shooting star – worthy of a fleeting glance but no bigger than a grain of sand.

So we compromised, and this is the result. A modest premier, featuring our favorite songs from the summer.

We do have one trick up our sleeve, though. We’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we have officially added two staff writers to the team. You may remember them from our guest week last semester: Jacob “Cobb Salad” Schutz and Alex “Ander2” Anderson. Coincidentally, they also happen to be our roommates this year. With this team in place, you can expect to see a quality post every day of every week. And with our forthcoming overhaul of the website, you won’t want to go a day without checking The Canals (in fact, you might as well join the Facebook group “I check the canals daily”).

Here’s some summer music to kick off the fall:

Danny’s picks:

Sam Prekop – Something
Miracle Fortress – Next Train
Travis – My Eyes
The Shins – Red Rabbits
Hem – The Beautiful Sea

Benjy’s picks:

Sam Cooke – You Send Me
The Shaky Hands – The Sleepless
Cornelius – Chapter 8 – Seashore And Horizon
8 Ball & MJG – 9 Little Millemeta Boys
Os Mutantes – Hey Boy



Anonymous said...

you guys are all just so great i like love you so much its so great that you are back im super duper pumped

Katie said...

I'm happy to see the Canals is back in business. One question though: would blogstinction melt the glaciers?

Christy said...

Oh you are back, I didn't even know it!!! How was camp?

Zookeepers do rock out I agree!

Excellent picks BTW!

- Christy