Monday, March 12, 2007

American Spirit: The Canals Begins

Greetings future friends,

I recently read in the Southwest Airlines magazine, "Spirit", that the angle between any tree's branch and its trunk is equal to the angle that delineates the veins of that tree's leaf. Such precision had yet to be matched in nature until the immaculate conception of a trio of tenacious young students from across the Americas: Panama and the Canals. United by a common groove and eager to quench the universal desire for a little more soul, Danny, Benjy, and Panama made a deal with danger and formed a titanium bond that would rival that of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Yet it would not -- no, could not -- last.

The three parted ways in the winter of 2006. Panama, demoralized and furious, broke Benjy's two best thumbs and ran off to the third floor, never to be seen again. Danny went on to become a successful entertainment attorney, defending such celebrities as Chow Yun-Fat and Denise Richards. Finding Benjy penniless and crippled, Danny nursed him back to health on a diet of boiled carrots and warm milk. Forever indebted to his former band-mate, Benjy swore to turn his life around.

He started by hunting down the man who ruined his life, Panama Lee. Armed with a blowtorch, a broom handle, and a gallon of icy hot, he began to make his way south of the border. Before he could exact his revenge, however, Benjy was arrested and charged on two separate counts of indecent exposure and libel in Gallop, New Mexico. After posting his bail, Danny helped his college dropout friend get an internship at the Washington D. C. studio of "America's Most Wanted," the program of one of his clients. From there, Benjy began working long-distance with Danny on their new musical venture, sans Panama. It was America's music blog; it was The Canals.

Listen up y’all- two tracks for where we are… and where we’re going.

Kool Keith- Livin’ Astro

Taj Mahal- Farther On Down The Road


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