Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ambition never hurt nobody

"I watch your mailbox like Vietnam guerilla warfare/
That's not your real hair, rip credit cards, I don't care"

Ambition is a luxury only the lucky, the fortunate, or extremely talented can afford. Thankfully, the Canals is chock full of all three, making it possible for us to dream 'till our faces turn blue. What, you may ask, could we possibly be ambitious about? After all, we're only a semi-successful music blog with unfocused tastes and a mediocre web-design. Well, scoff if you like, but we have a dream, a dream as clear and pure as the day, to bring the music to the people. We dream to throw the most brain-bustin', ear-poppin', foot stompin' concert this side of the Lebowski Fest. Despite not knowing jack-squat about concert promoting, I think we could make it a reality within the next three years. And with a pretty fly lineup to boot.

Space-obsessed, sex-crazed rapper, Kool Keith goes for a mere $4000 for college shows. Compare that to the exorbitant quarter mil that Dave Matthew's Band demands, and you've got yourself a chance.

Kool Keith -- I'm Seein' Robots

Apparently obliging Philadelphia residents, Dr. Dog (a current favorite of mine), throw the most energetic shows in the galaxy, and I doubt that they can deny a Canals community festival of sound-waves. Plus, their label, Park the Van Records, has some other killer Philadelphia acts too. Perhaps The Teeth, for example.

Dr. Dog -- I've Just Got To Tell You (A great song off Takers and Leavers that I've wanted to post about for a while)

Throw in a couple more local rappers, rockers, and roustabouts, and you got yourselves a show. You may laugh and pity us for our sad pipe-dreams, but have some faith. Someday in the near future, you might be shakin' it in the front row of a Kool Keith concert, smack dab in the middle of Clarke Park. Let me ask you this, who you gonna pity then?


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