Thursday, May 10, 2007

Friends of The Canals, part VI: Kleptomaniacs & Co.

This is, for better or worse, the last official post in the Friends Fortnight. You can count on profiles of friends’ bands in the future, but for now we’re burying this sucka’ six feet under… with the fishes.

My boys, Zach and Seth

Hearken back to the Friends post about Spare Change and you’ll notice that I’m quite jealous of musicians four years younger than myself. Now imagine that same bitter person hanging out with four very talented guys his own age. Yeah, I wanted to be as cool as Kobi, Ben, Zach, and Seth, and yeah, I wanted to be in their band, the Kleptomaniacs. That’s not surprising seeing that they produced some very impressive rock, funk, and goof jams over the past five or six years. Oh, and also that the ladies hung on them like a barrel of monkeys. Within their time together, they warped and molded along with their tastes, forming and reforming various bands (Sack, The Hyponoia Project), and thankfully never stopping the gravy train of tasty music.

Kleptomaniacs – Puffin' on Puffins
Kleptomaniacs – Next Stop… Heaven
Kleptomaniacs – Sorrento (very early Kleptomaniacs fare)
Clarke 2 (Zach at Ithaca) – Erica
Sack – Politics (Live at the UU church, Arlington, MA)

Check out pretty much everything, musical and otherwise, those guys (and a little of yours truly) have done since the beginning of middle school at


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