Friday, May 25, 2007

Week In Random

"Ninety-five degrees on the blacktop/
I hear its cool on Mars"

It's that time of week again when we go bat-crazy and hit the shuffle button with all our might. here goes nothing.

Third Eye Blind - The Background

Interesting bit of background on 3eb: when they played at Spring Fling, the guitarist tried to make out with a certain McKean girl's 9th grade sister.

Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer

First of their songs I ever heard.

G. Love & Special Sauce - Don't Drop It

This song has already been posted on here, maybe more than once. One of my favorites. This feature has been eerily un-embarassing to this point.

Barenaked Ladies - Told You So

I'll admit it, I went through a BNL stage. Whever you think about their music, though, it's great that they use Nettwerk as their label and released their newest album on Amie St. And this song isn't bad.

Don McLean - American Pie

Another classic camp song, and a great American tune to get you pumped for the holiday.

Ben Haper - By My Side (acoustic)

Ben Harper is one of my favorite artists. He's great with acoustic songs like this, but even better on the funky tracks off his latest release, Both Sides Of The Gun.

Eddie From Ohio - This Is My Town

Bought this track because I was considering seeing them at World Cafe. I decided against it.

Jack Johnson - Holes To Heaven

Jack Johnson is required listening for any day that hits 80 degrees. I think my iPod might be heat-sensitive.

Dave Matthews - Cry Freedom (Live)

Almost got through one of these posts without a Dave Matthews track. "Cry Freedom" is terrible on the studio album, but I like this version.

Bert Jansch - M'Lady Nancy

With the current Baroque craze I'm surprised this track isn't burning up the charts.


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