Monday, May 7, 2007

Friends of The Canals, Part V: Ted Rosedale

My first memory of Ted Rosedale is a musical one. When we were
toddlers our moms took us to see Raffi perform on Broadway. Now it seems Teddy is making music where Raffi left off. With lyrics like "She might fuck you/She's good like that/She offered me a dollar today/And ice cream to go down on her," anyone can hear the influence.

But Teddy is more than just the second coming of Raffi. His debut
album Home features Ted on vocals, guitar, bass, piano, drums, and
ukulele. My first thought was that it represents the next generation
in the Beatles --> Oasis lineage, but I think it actually falls
somewhere in between or to the side. The album's traditional
instrumentation and its lack of real catchy choruses give it a retro
feel, but the music has a touch of Nirvana-esque angst that I just
don't see the British relating to. His songs are full of surprising
key changes that are really satisfying to hear, and the lyrics are
witty and honest. My one criticism is that some of the songs are
similar enough that they blend together, but the album's consistency
is also one of its strengths.

Ted Rosedale – 619
Ted Rosedale – Don’t Be Long
Ted Rosedale – Why Bother Stay

Check out his really well-designed website here (JC was impressed)
Buy the album here


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Jacob said...

You can never over-reference Raffi. Bravo.