Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Blazing, Broken, Canyon Arrow

It seems that arrows have played a major part in my life this past week. Don't worry, my flock, I haven't impaled myself or shot anyone yet, but I have had few runins with the noun called arrow. There was an arrow in the mind-melting season finale of Lost last wednesday. It's not the most personal interaction with an arrow, but it's still there. My good friend Max found out recently that he has good arches (As I write the word "arches" I'm reminded of archery, which also involves arrows. Coincidence? Not while I'm still breathing.), which in turn causes him to have a very straight walk. If you see Max walk, you'd know what I mean when I say he walks straight. It's like he was shot from the bow of God. And that was where I thought of a great pick-up line.

A man walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a drink. He has a brief chat with the bartender about the Marlins game last night. The television fuzzily burns to life, with a news anchor giving tips on how to prepare for the next hurricane season. The man gets bored and looks to his neighbors at the bar. To his left there is a well dressed older man, munching on some mixed nuts and sipping whatever it is that is in his glass. He has a strange look about him, caused cheifly by the distinct difference between the redness of his mustache and his hair. On second thought, it's actually probably a toupee. The mustachioed man continues to drink and eat after the first man looks to his right. A nice looking woman in her early thirties is chatting on her cellphone about apolstery and drycleaning, and despite the tame subject matter, the man watches her intently. When she finishes her conversation and shifts her body to leave, the man opens his mouth to say,

"Hey babe, I'm as straight as an arrow shot from the bow of God."

But he doesn't say it. He just sits in his stool, looks back up at the TV, and learns tip number four.

Throughout the week I've thought about the few arrow songs that I know, and I'm surprised to say they all seem to have a similar feel to them. A warm western desert aura of ancient native wisdom. Or something to that effect.

Blackalicious -- Blazing Arrow
Autumn Defense -- Canyon Arrow
Buffalo Springfield -- Broken Arrow



Anonymous said...

Benjy, your posts are as baffling as they are... strange. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

HI my name is Ali and this post made me laugh outloud.

Xx Ali G xX