Thursday, May 24, 2007

Icky Thump single Review

Yo, check it. We got Cobb Salad here, you know, poet laureate crankin' this b, reppin' Icky Thump wit' his take --

"Who's usin' who?/What should we do?/
Well you can't be a pimp/And a prostitute too"

As the resident White Stripes Fanatic, I feel the need to direct your attention to the new White Stripes video. I really am certifiably crazy for the White Stripes; a Hispanic Canals guest blogger once told me I was redirecting sexual frustration into passion for the duo. She hit the nail on the head.

Anyhoo, the release of the video gives me a chance to properly review “Icky Thump.” The Canals previously posted the single, but it was “removed by request.” (In the defense of Warner Brothers, they are strapped for cash. In defense of The Canals, we’re not the morons behind the AOL-Time Warner merger.) So the video gives us a chance to legally link to the song again.

As for the music itself, it is an evolution of early White Stripes music (as opposed to “Get Behind Me Satan’s” revolutionary change.) For hardcore fans, this is ecstasy. Jack brings the raw sound of Detroit and mixes it up with some new instruments, including a deliciously dirty synthesizer. The song plays more like a live track than a single, and the unique sound of the song’s solos will guarantee no two concert renditions will sound alike. Meg’s powerful drumming keeps the cacophony from ripping itself apart, providing the needed momentum to Jack’s rambling guitar.
The song should also be noted for its political message, a direct rebuttal to a certain asinine member of Bloc Party.

As for the video, it plays into the “Get Behind Me Satan” mold. First, create a video with a creepy model and “avante garde” feel. It is well done, but somewhat uninspired— nearly a literal translation of the song. The most interesting aspect of the video is it’s overt sexuality, an unusual move for the band. Plus Meg is sporting red hair... Not entirely sure how to feel about that. But true fans will be waiting for Michel Gondry’s take on the album. Lucky for us, Jack created a song just for him. Wait for the video of “I’m Slowly Turning Into You” to be truly blown away.

-Jacob Schutz, poet laureate

Bonus Track: Forest Sun – What The Poets Know


Katie said...

Great post, Cobb. The Canals must really love you to offer you a second guest slot.

Alex said...

Yeah, I didn't hear anything about double guest posts. What is this? favoritisms? Ouch, boys, ouch.