Friday, May 25, 2007

Feed Yourself

If you haven't heard, yesterday was quite a day for The Canals. Google announced that it will be acquiring Feedburner for $100 million. And Feedburner provides our feed. That's right - this blog was part of a multi-million dollar deal with Google.

We promise not to let our newfound success get to our heads. We're gonna share the wealth the way we always have - by providing you, the heroes, with music that "shanks the inner ear and pumps the pulse of the nation." (For the record, I favored the slogan "from birth to deaf." If you like it, leave a comment and maybe it can change. The power is in your hands.) That being said, here's a quick plug for Feedburner:

"Sweet relief/That's what you come and get from me/
I give it up every time you want it/You got it I'm burning down"

Let me start by saying that if you didn't know this blog used Feedburner, that's because I never configured it. Let me continue by saying that until yesterday, I pretty much didn't know anything about Feedburner or feeds in general. But last night that all changed...

And what a night it was! First, I reconfigured our Feedburner so that you can actually subscribe to it. Next, I read about why I took the time to do that. It turns out that Feedburner is as revolutionary as it looks and sounds. Here's a list of a few great features:
  • A single link to the feed brings you to a clean, friendly landing page with links to different subscription options
  • It supports easy email subscriptions
  • It's compatible with any feed reader application
  • The feeds are interactive (automatically include links to email, technorati,, digg, and facebook, so you can share The Canals with the world)
  • The feeds look great and have a simple URL
So, if you've already subscribed to our feed, upgrade to the next big thing! And if you haven't, this is the chance of a lifetime! Click on literally any link in this post, or click them all! This thing is so hot it's single-handedly responsible for global warming! Act quickly before Al Gore sends us a take-down request!

Jeremy Fisher - Cigarette
Ray Lamontagne - Burn
James Hunter - No Smoke Without Fire
Phoenix - On Fire
Voxtrot - Firecracker
Foy Vance - Stoke My Fire


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Anonymous said...

I get it. This post was about Feedburner so your songs were about burning and fire !