Monday, May 21, 2007

Introducing Newton Faulkner

"And I'm scared of failure/So scared of success/
Guess it'll all work out"

I heard about Newton Faulkner from Nizlopi’s myspace page and decided right away to buy his two EPs. The problem was that they hadn’t been released in the US yet and the only online store selling them was the UK iTunes. If you’ve yet to experience an international iTunes store, I can tell you it’s one of the most frustrating things in the world. I sat at my computer with his music in front of me, able to preview the songs but unable to buy them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a similar situation with online music, where I honestly want to buy the music from a legit source but end up forced to get it some other way. Good thing we have copyright laws to look out for our musicians…

In the case of Newton Faulkner, there were no “free” online sources either, so I ended up importing the physical CDs. When they finally arrived (after a month and $30) it turned out it was worth the hassle. There’s definitely something about him that reminds me of Nizlopi, but he also has a completely unique sound. He’s a minor key, syncopated, more produced, gravelly-voiced, mature version of my other favorite UK artist. His plays a distinct style of guitar that sounds like the airtap guy, and basically provides its own percussion. His music lacks the uplifting melodies that characterize Nizlopi, but somehow even without real memorable choruses his music is still catchy.

The live and acoustic songs sound as good or better than the more produced tracks, which makes me really want to see him perform. Someone needs to get him and these other British bands over here. They don’t even have to go farther than the east coast. One Nizlopi/Alberta Cross/Newton Faulkner show in Philly is all I’m asking.

Faulkner’s 1st release, Full Fat, was the #1 single on Amazon last year, but for some reason we’re the first blog on hype or to feature his music. His first full-length album is set to be released on July 23. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my hands on it before school starts in the fall.

Newton Faulkner – To The Light (Acoustic)
Faulkner – Feels Like Home
Faulkner – Full Fat
Faulkner – Lullaby

Stream some more tracks from his myspace. I especially like “All I Got,” which must be from the upcoming album.

Buy his EPs on Amazon.


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